MEC Paddle Fest 2011!!

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MEC Paddle Fest 2011!!

We all remember last years Paddle Fest. The festival started off with some pretty crummy weather; it was windy, cold and rainy. Yet all of the lessons were sold out and after the first day; everyone was cheerful, tired and happy that spring was coming. It seemed as thought the positive atmosphere had translated into a spectacular second day! The weather was sunny and perfect for all skill levels of paddlers to get out on the water. The people and the vendors at Paddle Fest 2010 made our experience better than any festival we had ever been to. As you can tell; H2O is comping at the bit to get back down to Sunny Side Beach, so it is with great pleasure that we announce; H2O WILL be attending MEC Paddle Fest 2011!!!
Stop by our booth and try out our paddles to see what you like best!

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