Why H2O and Sean Smith aka: The Fat Paddler decided to team up!

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Why H2O and Sean Smith aka: The Fat Paddler decided to team up!

H2O Paddles Make Their Way To Sydney Australia With the Fat Paddler!!!

September 15, 2010

Why H2O and Sean Smith aka: The Fat Paddler decided to team up!


Our H2O Crystal-X series paddles have been spotted along Sydney Harbour and surronding area in Australia. Sean Smith; also known as the Fat Paddler, has been gracious enough to lend his skills, expertise and advice to our research and development team in attempts to get some 'worldly' feedback on our Crystal-X touring paddles
Some of you may ask: "Why did H2O go all the way to Australia to get a product review?" Well... first we have to say this; It's not just a review, its a partnership. Sean is someone who displays a true love of the outdoors and exemplifies exactly how all of us at H2O Performance Paddles feel about paddle sports; passionate and excited. His brand; Fat Paddler, is so genuine and enjoyable that it strikes a universal chord with paddlers all over the globe. The Fat Paddler network is something that H2O is eager to be a part of. 
Secondly; Sean is a tough person not to like; in the past 5 years he has been through more adversity and pain than most of us have been through in a life time. He displays an intensity and love of live that is not only apparent in his online presence but contagious. We are not looking for Sean to shamelessly plug our product (we don't even think he would if we asked him too), we are looking for Sean and the Fat Paddler Team to help us find the people that are already H2O fans, but don't know it, and let them experience what H2O has to offer on a peaceful sunny morning. 
Visit The Fat Paddler at www.fatpaddler.com
Stay tuned for the Fat Paddlers' team review and more pictures/ video/ blog from Australia!

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