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H2O Paddles An Inside Look

Take a unique tour of the plant where the paddles are molded than put together. Enjoy interviews from the engineering staff and designers that bring you the paddles you love.

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H2O's Fast Ferrule

The industries fastest and simplest feather adjustment system. There is no need to separate the shaft to make feather adjustments, just push together, turn and release. Our engineered locking system takes care of the rest. For ease of transport, the Fast Ferrule system features a single "open" position that allows the paddle to be separated.

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H2O Paddles Whitewater

From the drawing board to the wave. See the H2O's process and enjoy Joey Hitchens, H2O team paddler testing out our H2O-2 paddle. 

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Crystal X Durability Test

Our nylon Crystal X blade is the most durable blade you will find in today's touring market. We put our paddle through a number of tests and these are the results.

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H2O Bent Paddle Durability Test

We take our H2O-Team paddle and run it over with a car to show you our paddle can take any kind of beating.

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H2O Performance Paddles is a manufacturer of leading edge, high technology performance kayak paddles for whitewater and touring enthusiasts.  Steeped in a deep Engineering background and a commitment to continuous improvement; H2O strives to push the envelope using the latest materials, processes and design innovations to produce the worlds most efficient and reliable kayak Paddles.


Team Member Alex Perrett

From Kingston Ontario showing off his play boating skills.


Outdoor Retailer

Crystal X and 2011 button center ferrule


Pushing The Industry

Outdoor Retailer show. The release of H2O's new Supertour and Hydra paddles. Nano coated blades for extra durability. Release of the Fast Ferrule. PUSH, TURN, DONE.


 Team Paddler Tyler Fox

Ottawa paddler showing off his skills in a series of different rivers around the world.

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